Pet Therapy Program

The Ideal Pet Candidate

Animals are the main attraction in pet therapy, so it is vital that your companion animal enjoy the service as much as you will. Your pet should be very well socialized and have knowledge of basic obedience. This type of service is not for independent or shy animals. We are looking for pets that thrive on attention and a lot of physical contact.

In addition, your animal must be:

  • Interviewed by a behavior specialist at PHS
  • At least 1 year old
  • Current on all vaccines
  • Non-aggressive in all situations
  • Spayed or neutered

The Human Role

You must also be social, friendly, non-judgmental, kind and caring. Depending on the visit, you may encounter the elderly, the handicapped, the developmentally challenged or children in group home settings. In this program, you will play a dual role of engaging visitor and responsible animal handler. Staying in tune with your pet throughout the entire pet therapy visit is extremely important.

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