Why should I enroll my dog in Obedience or Activity classes?

  • Obedience classes are a wonderful way to learn proper handling techniques, problem solve through unwanted behaviors, and learn regularly used obedience cues. Cues including: Sit, Down, Stay, Come When Called, and many more…
  • Activity classes provide options for owners who have already taken some form of obedience and want their dog to learn new skills or solidify old skills, in a fast paced and fun environment.

What is the training philosophy and how are classes structured?

  • Our instructors approach training with reward-based methods, positive reinforcement and a genuine desire to help you and your pet succeed. Our obedience classes are designed to:
    • Teach your dog to respond to all skill levels of obedience commands
    • Help with common behavior questions and problems
    • Improve your dog handling skills
    • Enrich your relationship and bond with your dog
  • All classes, with the exception of drop-in classes, meet for 1 hour each week for 5 week sessions. Classes will consist of instructor demonstrations, hands on training, fun exercises, and written homework is always provided.

If my dog completes one class, is this enough training?

  • Training is a lifelong process and while one class will definitely teach you and your pet the building blocks for a life-long relationship. We highly recommend that every class participant continue their training through classes or other fun activities that promote well balanced and behaved dogs.

My dog is aggressive; can he/she still participate in classes at PHS?

  • If a dog displays extreme aggression toward people or other dogs, please contact our Behavior & Training Hotline, (626) 792-7151 ext. 155, to speak with an instructor and determine whether your dog is a good candidate for group classes.
  • We currently offer specialized classes for dogs with leash reactivity and other forms of dog-dog arousal. For more information please call or visit our Reactive Rover class description by clicking here.