Barks & Books

Our reading enrichment program for children ages 5 to 12 makes reading fun, boosts confidence and encourages respectful, humane treatment for all animals. It offers children the opportunity to read animal related short stories of their choice to dogs in our Companion Animal Program. Not only does this make reading fun, it also builds a child’s confidence in reading aloud.

The available books will help children realize that animals experience a range of emotions similar to their own and that they have basic needs much like those of humans. This, in turn, encourages them to appreciate the importance of treating all animals, nonhuman and human, with respect and kindness.

For the chance to read to a curious canine, please contact one of these participating libraries:

Arcadia Public Library
(626) 821-5570

Glendale Public Library, Casa Verdugo Branch

Glendale Public Library, Central Branch

Glendale Public Library, Grandview Branch

Glendale Public Library, Library Connection @ Adams Square Branch

Glendale Public Library, Montrose-Crescenta Branch
(818) 548-2048

Glendale Public Library, Pacific Park Branch
(818) 548-3760

Monrovia Public Library
(626) 256-8274

Pasadena Public Library, Central Branch

Pasadena Public Library, Hastings Ranch Branch
(626) 744-7263

Pasadena Public Library, Hill Avenue Branch

Pasadena Public Library, La Pintoresca Branch
(626) 744-7268

Pasadena Public Library, Lamanda Park Branch

Pasadena Public Library, Linda Vista Branch

Pasadena Public Library, Santa Catalina Branch

Pasadena Public Library, Villa Parke Branch

San Marino Public Library
(626) 300-0776

Sierra Madre Public Library
(626) 355-7186

South Pasadena Public Library
(626) 403-7330

For any additional information about Barks & Books, please contact Adrian at