How do I keep my dog from chewing inappropriate objects?

  • Keep forbidden objects out of reach
  • Trade inappropriate objects for appropriate ones
  • Praise your dog for playing with appropriate objects
  • Exercise your dog a minimum of 1 hour per day
  • Give him chew toys such as sterilized bones or nyla bones
  • Play with him daily

Why does my dog bark so much and what do I do?

  • He gets a reaction out of another dog or person when he barks
  • He is startled by strangers, other dogs or noises
  • He has visual access to things he barks at
  • He is not exercised enough
  • Limit his visual stimulation to one area of the house
  • If he barks near you, call his name and if he is quiet or comes to you give him a treat
  • Reward him and give him attention when he is quiet through out the day
  • Make sure he gets plenty of exercise

How do I housetrain my puppy?

  • Restrict your puppy’s access to all but one part of the house when unsupervised
  • Put your puppy in a crate and take him out every couple of hours to get busy. If he does, he can play supervised, if not he goes back in the crate.
  • Praise your puppy every time he gets busy
  • Do not reprimand your puppy for going inside
  • If he does go inside, try to catch him in the act and take him outside immediately

What are the most important things to do with my new shelter dog?

  • Keep his new environment and schedule as consistent as possible
  • Only leave him alone for short periods of time
  • Exercise him daily
  • Provide the most calm atmosphere during this adjustment phase
  • Do not take him to a dog park. He will be insecure, stressed and a fight is very likely to occur.
  • Gradually introduce him to other friendly dogs one at a time on neutral territory